Karen Thomas in Rome. Exhibition in Via dei Portoghesi 6.

Beauty and Karen Thomas’art : no one can say what is, but we all feel it  when we are before Beauty. Aesthetics and ethics.
The blue flowerof the great German poet Novalis  of the nineteenth century  for example symbolizes the romantic desire of a better world, the man in eternal journey towards Hope. Looking up beyond the image” at the blue sky, transparency, at the beauty and preciousness of our life, of all Creation, at the distant blue of the oceans that seems endless, as the Hope …colors, lights, shadows are bridges from one to another. ” The appropriate way to determine whether a painting is melodious” wrote Baudelaire ” is to look at it from a distanceso as to be unable to comprehend its subject or its lines. If it is melodious, it already has a meaning and has taken its place in the repertory of memories”.

Karen Thomas was born in Berlin. She graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Kiel studied at Göttingen and Paris. She was active as an artist and a teacher in Paris, Kiel, Lübeck and Hamburg.
She taught painting and art history at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg Museum of Modern Art.
Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, America and China.Karen Thomas in
 1997 was appointed as an ambassador for Peace  and won the Peace Prize, UNESCO, Women Creators of the two seas, the Balkan and Mediterranean sea.” Since the eighties the Thomas performed intensive work for implementation of impressions of cities, landscapes and figures. Since 2000 she devoted herself to research on abstraction of form and color. The representation of the Genesis” marks more than ten years his artistic career. From the research of the fascination of light” comes another route from the divine creation and through the theme of the various phenomena of light, like the light Mediterranean and night.





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