Yuji Susaki’s photographic style


 My photographic subjects are often women. Women naked and clothed. It is important to me that all of the women I photograph are imperfect. Basically speaking, I like things of beauty.” (Yuji Susaki)

In photography there are two kinds of eroticism , i. e. the quality that causes sexual  feelings, as well as a philosophical contemplation concerning the aesthetics : the first is the one that shows off the naked body. The other one plays the aporia. Yuji Susaki chose the second because he does not deny the “trick and the soul” as essence of the Being as a floating world. So the attention is all the greater. The woman despite games of interstices of her “work clothes” becomes the inaccessible foreigner. The predator cannot do anything. Yuji Susaki nevertheless deliberately plays with the fantasy where eroticism mocks of reason. Here the forbidden fruit can be called transgression and Susaki’s photographs make desire so puissant.

In this case the photographic picture isn’t essentially concrete art only consisting of the representation of real and existing objects. Imagination in Susaki’s photography consists in knowing how to find the most complete expression of an existing object creating the object itself through a sort of trompe l’oeil, a piece of trickery. Imagination, that’s all!



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